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This is a place

to come to and learn about the many aspects of web 2.0. It has been designed for the staff of The Hamilton and Alexandra College and links to our hands-on Sandbox sessions that have been held in the library over the last three years.

All comments

and questions are welcome. All levels of competency are supported.

Netiquette rules apply!

Netiquette rules apply; below are the ones I give my class when they are using a wiki:

You are able to create your own page to put your own notes or queries on, add information to other people's pages or insert images etc that fit the topic being discussed.
When using this space please follow these rules so that we can all enjoy ourselves:
· No obscene language
· No harassment, insults or attacks on others
· No defamatory language
· No illegal activities
· No violation of human rights
· No offensive images
· Do not portray any person in a demeaning manner

  • Copyright is an issue, please respect it!
Please follow generally accepted principles of netiquette to respect the interests and rights of other participants.
Web 2.0 activity should be supportive and fun.