These resources are directed more towards primary teaching.
Asia literacy links:

Interactive games to share or complete individually:

Restorative Justice In Schools
How We Express Ourselves – Improvisation

Research skills for assignment setting
Teaching spelling: numerous useful sites are listed on this page!
A very useful link for literacy: starfall.
Asking Year 5 & 6 to write a biography? This might help.
For Numeracy and Mathematics information click here!
Three links to exercises with Big Books:
Maths and English puzzles can be found here.
An excellent example from Copacabana Public School.
Sustainability project for students to get involved with. IWB friendly activities too.
Making graphs from your results in any subject: e.g why not graph the number of adjectives, verbs etc in a given paragraph?
Quintura, a child friendly search engine
Telling the time: a great website with lesson ideas and all sorts of clocks. and another called time for time.
Water investigations (note some of the links go to education department sites which we can't access)
or here

Primary science lessons

Useful tools for teachers can be found at scholastic.
BBC Bitesize for kids has some teaching ideas for English, Mathematics and Science in the primary classroom.
Some great examples as to how students can use PowerPoint to retell stories. has pages for all grade levels plus Mathematics, English, Science and Games. Very useful site but not Australian. IWB activities for Mathematics.