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Some thoughts on our vocation!
"When I Become a Teacher" TEACH DIFFERENT video
from the past which encouraged:

--I want to lecture all day long.
--I want to be the sage on the stage.
--I want to teach to the test.
--I want a computer just to record grades.
--I want to cover rather than uncover material and use chalk.
--I want to teach 1 year 25 times.

And the great new version, made by the faculty and students of a (K-8) school: "When I Become a Teacher: Remix."
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7-QIZnCD2Y
--Collaborative work will be as important as individual work.
--PBL won't just be an acronym.
--I want to edit, remix and share media with my students.
--I'll expect change.
--I'll develop my own personal learning network.
--I will encourage appropriate online interaction.
--Students will help to solve real world problems.
--I won't fear technology, I'll embrace it!
--and more!