google.JPGGoogle does more for you than just search the web.
1. You can customise your own Google home page by creating an iGoogle account which puts the sites you use regularly at your fingertips.
2. You can collaboratively write articles about topics you know well at knol.
3. If you are looking for books, either online ebooks or titles you may require try the book search.
4. At Students pick a story which involves a journey. They then annotate a path on Google Earth that illustrates this story as it relates to the various journey locations in the plot. It's free but students need prior knowledge of drawing "paths" in GE and saving kmz files to an appropriate location. But there are tutorials.It may be blocked in some schools. Possum Magic is already in there and there will be others. A great site to check out what it is and how to use it can be found at:

5. This is a blog about digital storytelling using Google Earth - Google Earth is Our Paper. This is a series of five detailed and reflective posts about storytelling with Google Earth and it is inspirational.
6. Google maps: Go to my maps. It allows you to create new maps: insert placemarks, images, satellite zooms etc onto a base map from Google maps when you are logged in. You can send it to others, invite them to share it etc. Do a walk and take images, plot the walk onto a map then insert the images etc. Many people have saved their maps for you to use, such as earthquakes etc. Browse the directory. You can use it to measure distances very accurately e.g. the local swimming pool; area calculator; add contours (set own interval as required) path profiler gives you a cross section. Virtual tourism videos; real time earthquakes.
7. Coloured search engines, many of which are Google:
Blackle is def. Google
Goldle http://goldle.freesitespace.netand Silverle http://silversearch.f-sw.comsay they are Google but....
Pinkle not Google
Purplele, calls itself the Purple Google but ... Lots of fun!
8.Google body
9. Google Sketchup is great for a wide range of applications. For example looking at types of bridges. It is a free download.

For those who enjoyed Google's logo on June 9 2011 to celebrate the birthday of Les Paul, US inventor and guitar hero, Google have caved in to pressure and here is the permanent link: meeting Blooms taxonomy using Google applications

9. Google graphical maths calculator - now in 3D & animated!
In December, Google added maths graphing functionality to its search results (as does WolframAlpha search engine). You type basic and complex math functions into the Google search box and Google creates the graphics - from basic charts to more complex graphs.
Now the graphical calculator is 3D and animated! (30 March). Search for the maths equations & see them animated in 3D. Works with Chrome & Firefox browsers.
10. Art Gallery Collections from across the globe placed online – includes collections from Korea, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong plus US and Europe. from Lisa hayman via oztl_net listserv 11/4/2012
11. Online course builder: