SYNC is an online community that seeks to build the audience for audiobooks among readers 13 and up This YA site becomes active every northern summer
and which is so useful for our southern winter. Downloads are free!
At this site ( ) students can download two audio books each week to listen to on their various devices. Practically every player will be catered for, from desktops and tablets to fancy phones and MP3 players.
Each week, and only for a week, 2 books that are related by some theme, are offered for download. There's always a classic story matched with a more
recent publication.
The week always starts on a Thursday, like our cinema listings, and next week 23rd June 2011 the first pairing will be made available. It is "Romeo and Juliet" by Mr Shakespeare and "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater.
Thanks to Joanna Durst via oz_tlnet for this suggestion.
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