The Artful Thinking Palette: "Using the metaphor of a palette, the program helps students develop their thinking dispositions through the use of a variety of 'thinking routines' that help them think deeply and flexibly about art and other topics."

Source: VISIBLE THINKING WEBSITE **http://pzweb.harvard.edu/tc/atp_palette.cfm**

CLAIM / SUPPORT / QUESTION: A Reasoning Routine
1. Make a claim about the artwork or topic
Claim: An explanation or interpretation of some aspect of the art-work or topic.
2. Identify support for your claim
Support: Things you see, feel, and know that support your claim.
3.Ask a question related to your claim
Question: What’s left hanging? What isn’t explained? What new reasons does your claim raise?
WHY? To help students develop thoughtful interpretations of an artwork or topic by encouraging them to reason with evidence.

WHEN? Use Claim / Support / Question with works of art and with topics in the curriculum that invite explanation or are open to interpretation.

HOW? Model the routine for the whole class, then work in small groups or individually. Take turns using the routine so that each member of the group makes a claim, identifies sup-port and asks a question. Following each person’s report, take a moment as a group to discuss the artwork or topic in relation to the claim before moving on to the next person. After everyone has had a turn, reflect on the activity. Ask students to discuss what new thoughts they have about the artwork or topic.